What You Can Expect From A Log Cabin Holiday

If you want to do something different for a holiday other than going to a holiday cottage, static van or even going abroad, you may want to consider staying in a log cabin. Log cabin breaks are similar to any other self catering accommodation but the main difference is most likely going to be the location.

Peace and Quiet

Most log cabin sites are very peaceful and are set in tranquil surroundings, they are the ideal place to go and unwind for a long weekend or week.

Pay for Power (but not always)

Depending on where you go you may well need to pay for electricity separately. This can be paid for in three ways:

  1. By using the traditional coin meter,
  2. You buy tokens from a ‘reception’ area
  3. The total amount of electricity you have used will need to be calculated on your departure and you will then pay for it.

If electricity is not included in the cost of yours stay and you do need to pay for electricity option 3 is definitely the most convenient, particularly if you are going away in the winter months. Who wants a trek to reception in the bitter cold to boil a kettle?

Take your own towels and maybe bedding

Most log cabin sites will provide you with bedding, but occasionally you may come across a site that requires you to take your own. Make sure that you check this before you leave home. In contrast to this, most self catering log cabins require you to take you own towels.

Take enough Food

A lot of log cabin holidays are seriously secluded so make sure that you take enough food! You may be able to find a local shop, but in some cases a supermarket may be a long drive away. Some sites suggested on lists of log cabin holidays may have a small shop on site, this is particularly true if they are part of a larger holiday park. Having said that though there do not often carry a large amount of stock and are expensive.


Quite a few log cabins have brick built barbeques available to use, so if barbeques are your thing make sure you take some tools, fuel… and something to cook on it.

Bicycle Storage

Some of the more upmarket log cabins will have a secure place that you can store your bikes, you may want to check before you take your bike with you. Other sites may well have the facility to hire bikes for you to enjoy the surroundings.

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