5 More Reasons Why Log Cabins Are Becoming A Popular Holiday Destination

As a follow on from my previous post here are five more reasons why taking log cabin breaks in the UK is a top idea.

  • Reason 1
    You can get that 5 star hotel feeling in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by beautiful countryside – there are a number of super luxurious log cabins dotted throughout the UK that come with log burners, flat screen TVs, hot tubs, saunas and en-suite bathrooms. You really could be in a 5 star hotel, combine this with magnificent scenery and you’ve got a holiday destination from heaven. Many sites have varying levels of cabin that you can choose from at the time of booking.
  • Reason 2
    Most log cabin sites in the UK fit in to their surroundings, you can forget about your old Butlins or Pontins sites that stamp their authority on the ground, A lot of the log cabin holiday sites are very sensitively designed allowing the cabins to melt in to the scenery, this gives beautiful sites that are blended in to the natural environment and create a very relaxing environment.
  • Reason 3
    The log cabins are built from natural materials that should come from sustainable sources; if you’ve got an eco conscience you could check the source of your cabins timber before booking your holiday. The Forestry Commission log cabin sites have excellent environmental credentials and I‘m sure that they aren’t the only ones. A site that has cabins built to the BREEAM standard are the ones that are likely to take environmental issues seriously. The BREEAM certification is a UK building standard which determines the insulations and water recycling features of new building.
  • Reason 4
    You are more likely to find a log cabin that will accept pets than a holiday cottages. Not only that but you are also likely to find that the cabin is furnished to a much higher standard than your regular holiday cottage or static van. Most cabin sites will only ask that you don’t leave your pets in the log cabins unattended.
  • Reason 5
    There are now plenty of sites offering log cabin holidays across the UK, so you will be able to find a log cabin available in an area of the UK that you want to visit that will suit your budget and requirements. Log cabin holiday sites are now scattered across the country, from the Scottish Highlands to the South of Cornwall.

5 Reasons Why Log Cabins Are A Popular Choice of Holiday Accommodation

Log cabin holidays are becoming a very popular choice for people wanting to take a break in the UK and here are five reasons why they are becoming so popular:

  • Reason 1
    Many log cabins are in fantastic locations that have scenery that you wouldn’t normally get to see unless you stayed in another form of accommodation such as a tent or touring caravan. UK planning laws seem to be a little bit more relaxed when it comes to holiday accommodation and particularly log cabin developments and there seems to be a great number of sites in fantastic locations.
  • Reason 2
    Log cabin developments tend to be will thought out and each cabin allows some privacy even though you may be sharing the site with many other log cabins. Log cabin holiday parks have learnt from the mistakes of the old 1980’s static van parks where all of the vans were uniformly aligned and facing the same way and as such the developments are much improved.
  • Reason 3
    There is a certain feel to log cabins that can’t really be described, if you’ve stayed in one then you will no that feeling, if you haven’t then perhaps you should book one up. It’s like camping but you can get a good nights sleep whether there’s a howling gale outside or it’s lashing it down with rain.
  • Reason 4
    Log cabin holidays have really only become popular recently and a lot of log cabins were built in the past ten years, but a large majority of those were built in the past five years. The fact that a lot of these log cabins are ‘new builds’ means that the quality of the accommodation and design is much better than that the static vans of yesteryear and majority of the holiday cottages on the self catering market.
  • Reason 5
    Log cabin breaks are great for the security conscious – staying in a log cabin is much more secure than camping or caravanning; it’s also safer getting to your holiday destination by not having overloaded car carrying camping equipment or towing a caravan. With proper locking doors and windows you can be safe in the knowledge that you, your family and your belongings will be safe.

Take a Log Cabin Holiday in the UK

The UK is a wonderful place in world and it seems that it is has taken a rather nasty economic crisis to wake its residents and make them realise that it really is worth taking a holiday in the UK. If you’re reading this from somewhere else in the world (other than the UK) then you will most probably agree with most of what I am commenting on in this post. If you’re in the UK hopefully you have already experienced some of its beauty.

In terms of scenery, the UK really must boast some of the best in the world, from the rugged mountains of Northern England and Scotland through to the secluded little beaches in parts of the South West of England and Wales. I really do doubt that there is a smaller country on the face of the planet with a wider range of scenery and places to experience on offer. Throughout this site I have attempted to group areas of Britain where you may like to visit.

There is more to taking a holiday in your own country though than the scenery, I find it genuinely more relaxing to go away in the UK than to go abroad.  Many people are scared of flying and there are many people don’t mind flying, though I’m fairly sure that you will find that the vast majority of travellers find the whole airport ‘thing’ a little stressful, particularly if they are taking away a younger family. Log cabin breaks in the UK remove all of these stresses and  you don’t need to worry about security checks, lost luggage, foreign currency, what’s in your luggage and whether you can drink the water when you get there.

The only problem as I see with the UK  is its unpredictable climate but if you choose the right accommodation it really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing. If you go away for a break and are prepared for it to rain then it will be a bonus when it’s a lovely sunny summer’s week. There’s more to taking holiday than just soaking up some sun – it’s about unwinding and getting away from the stresses of every day life. Just think, regardless of where you live in the UK you can jump in your car on a Friday evening, leave the stress of your job behind you, and within an hour from wherever you live you can be in the middle of the relaxing beautiful countryside. Log cabin holidays are the perfect choice of holiday for those that love to be amongst nature.

Why Log Cabins Make Ideal All Aear Round Holiday Accomodation

Log cabin breaks are the ideal holiday regardless of the time of year, in the colder months they make a great cosy winter hide away and in the warmer months you can have the doors flung wide open and really connect with the surroundings. Whether it is hot or cold the feeling of pulling up outside you log cabin is unbeatable. In the summer you know that you can enjoy long evenings looking out on magnificent scenery, and in the winter you know that you can enjoy the crisp winter surroundings in the day and long evenings in front of the fire taking in the atmosphere of your temporary home. Unlike the still popular static caravans, log cabins are warm all year round, when it rains they’re not noisy and there are no drafts. A lot of the newer log cabins have similar heating systems to modern homes and as a consequence hot water is available on demand. Some log cabins even have real log burners to make those long winter nights seem even cosier.

log-cabins-at-nightIn contrast to the winter months the summer months are a whole different kettle of fish. You can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine on the balcony long in to the night whilst fully appreciating the surroundings that you’re in. There are many deluxe log cabins that even have hot tubs on the balcony and these can be a fantastic place to relax after a hard days walking or cycling, I’m not sure that life gets much better! As well as hot tubs you will find that a large number of cabins also come with a host of other features that can be enjoyed in the summer such as brick built barbeques and a safe place to store bikes. There is not another form of summer accommodation that in my opinion can beat a log cabin.

Whether you decide to go away in the Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer I doubt that you will be disappointed by choosing a log cabin holiday. If you want to go away for a romantic weekend or a get away with the kids you are bound to find the right log cabin in the area that you would like to visit in the UK.

You will find on the right a  list of log cabin holidays throughout the UK.