Log Cabins in Wiltshire

NameLocationTelephoneNumber of CabinsPetsHot Tubs
Oaksey Country Cottages - Find out moreOaksey0844 561 8383No PetsHot Tubs
Hunters Moon - Find out moreHenford Marsh Warminster0844 561 8383Pets Allowed
Wayside Lodges - Find out moreChittoe Heath Bromham0844 561 8383Pets Allowed
Wickham Green Farm Lodges - Find out moreUrchfont Devizes0844 561 8383No Pets

Log Cabin Holidays in Wiltshire

In the heart of England is a log cabin destination unlike anywhere else in the continent. Wiltshire, which is known for its inherent high down lands and wide cresting valleys, offers a log cabin holiday experience that you and your companions will surely enjoy. Covered with enigmatic ancient land creations and megalithic formations such as the Stonehenge and stone circles of Avebury, a visit to the county of Wiltshire will surely leave you with the need to come back for more. If you seek a place where you can take your family and friends for a learning ride while also enjoying the natural beauty of the heart of England, the county of Wiltshire has more than enough to offer.

There are many places in the county of Wiltshire that is worth visiting, but none is more mysterious and enigmatic than the world-famous Stonehenge. Though to be built around 2000 BC, these megalithic stones that weight hundreds of tons each are placed in a circular position around each other. The Stonehenge was originally thought to be used as an ancient place to worship the sun, but recent studies also suggest that it was used as a burial ground. As enigmatic and as mysterious as it is, Stonehenge continues to attract a number of visitors each year. If you seek something new for your log cabin holiday vacation, visiting Stonehenge is definitely a great choice.

For those who seek an active outdoor getaway for the family, the Brokerswood Country Park in Westbury, Wiltshire is a place that shouldn’t be missed. With its picturesque green environment set in a wide country park, you can never go wrong inside this beautiful place. Perfect for camping and picnic, Brokerswood Country Park provides a place where you and your companions can relax and unwind after a long day of travel. Experience woodland trails, hill strolling and outdoor-oriented activities such as rappelling inside the 80-acre country park that even includes a fishing lake.

Visiting the county of Wiltshire is a great choice for a log cabin holiday, and there are more than enough log cabins in the area to accommodate you and your companions’ needs. To make sure that you only get the best of what Wiltshire has to offer, get your log cabin accommodations from only the most trusted log cabin providers in the area. If you want to get the best log cabin holidays in Wiltshire, visit Hoseasons and start planning your log cabin holiday vacation today.

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