Log cabins in Rutland

NameLocationTelephoneNumber of CabinsPets
Greetham Valley Hotel, Golf & Conference Centre Wood Lane, Greetham, Oakham, LE15 7NP Tel 01780 460444-No pets
Brocklehurst ParkOakhamTel (day) 01572 7743833Pets Allowed

Log Cabin Holidays in Rutland

If you are planning to spend a log cabin holiday with your close friends and family, the area of Rutland in central England is a definitely a good place to visit. Locked within the counties of Leicestershire to the north west, Lincolnshire to the north east and Peterborough to the south east, this beautiful country is home to England’s largest artificial water reservoir, the Rutland Water. This water reservoir supplies water to some of the most populated regions of England and is considered as one of the largest artificial water ways in the whole continent of Europe. The natural formations of mud and sand also known as the Rutland formation is also another great place of interest that you can visit here if you want to see bands of sand and mud forming different colors and housing many fossil shells at its bottom.

If you are a lover of history and you want to explore the rich story of the county of Rutland, you can start by visiting the Oakham Castle. This man-made artifice was supposedly constructed near the late 12th century and it houses the famous Horse Shoe wall on its Great Hall where hundreds of horse shoe are displayed for people to see. It was a custom tradition in Old England that first-time visitors in the Oakham Castle should bring a horse shoe to offer to the Lord of the Castle. This tradition continued throughout the Oakham Castle’s long history and all of the old horse shoes are now displayed in the Great Hall of the Oakham Castle.

If you brought kids and young companions with you in your visit to Rutland, be sure to spend some time in the Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre. For a small fraction of a fee, you can enter this bird centre and enjoy the sights and sounds of hundreds of unique owls and falcons that you will only see in this part of the country. You and your companions will surely enjoy the experience of walking inside the Own Centre’s woodlands and fields while a bird of prey is attached right next to your arm!

To make sure that you get only the best of what Rutland has to offer, don’t forget to prepare your log cabin accommodation at least a week in advance. This will help you minimize the complications brought by on-the-spot accommodation hunt and allow you to prepare your things to bring before embarking on your trip. If you don’t know where to look for, visit Hoseasons and choose from the available log cabin holidays that fit your preferences and needs.

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