Log cabins in Rutland

NameLocationTelephoneNumber of CabinsPets
Greetham Valley Hotel, Golf & Conference Centre Wood Lane, Greetham, Oakham, LE15 7NP Tel 01780 460444-No pets
Brocklehurst ParkOakhamTel (day) 01572 7743833Pets Allowed

Log Cabin Holidays in Rutland

If you are planning to spend a log cabin holiday with your close friends and family, the area of Rutland in central England is a definitely a good place to visit. Locked within the counties of Leicestershire to the north west, Lincolnshire to the north east and Peterborough to the south east, this beautiful country is home to England’s largest artificial water reservoir, the Rutland Water. This water reservoir supplies water to some of the most populated regions of England and is considered as one of the largest artificial water ways in the whole continent of Europe. The natural formations of mud and sand also known as the Rutland formation is also another great place of interest that you can visit here if you want to see bands of sand and mud forming different colors and housing many fossil shells at its bottom.

If you are a lover of history and you want to explore the rich story of the county of Rutland, you can start by visiting the Oakham Castle. This man-made artifice was supposedly constructed near the late 12th century and it houses the famous Horse Shoe wall on its Great Hall where hundreds of horse shoe are displayed for people to see. It was a custom tradition in Old England that first-time visitors in the Oakham Castle should bring a horse shoe to offer to the Lord of the Castle. This tradition continued throughout the Oakham Castle’s long history and all of the old horse shoes are now displayed in the Great Hall of the Oakham Castle.

If you brought kids and young companions with you in your visit to Rutland, be sure to spend some time in the Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre. For a small fraction of a fee, you can enter this bird centre and enjoy the sights and sounds of hundreds of unique owls and falcons that you will only see in this part of the country. You and your companions will surely enjoy the experience of walking inside the Own Centre’s woodlands and fields while a bird of prey is attached right next to your arm!

To make sure that you get only the best of what Rutland has to offer, don’t forget to prepare your log cabin accommodation at least a week in advance. This will help you minimize the complications brought by on-the-spot accommodation hunt and allow you to prepare your things to bring before embarking on your trip. If you don’t know where to look for, visit Hoseasons and choose from the available log cabin holidays that fit your preferences and needs.

Log cabins in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire

NameLocationTelephoneNumber of CabinsPetsHot Tubs
Sherwood Castle Holiday Forest - Find out moreSherwood Forest Rufford0844 561 8383No Pets
Sherwood Hideaway Lodges - Find out morePerlethorpe Newark-on-Trent0844 561 8383No PetsHot Tubs
Redbrick Woodland Lodges - Find out moreEdwinstowe0844 561 8383No PetsHot Tubs
Sherwood Forest Lodges - Find out moreSherwood Forest Nr Edwinstone0844 561 8383Pets AllowedHot Tubs
Eye Kettleby LakesMelton MowbrayTel (day) 01664 565900Pets Allowed

What to do on log cabin holidays to Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire

Looking for a place where you can spend a log cabin holiday with your closest friends and family? Look no more because Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire just might be the perfect place for your weekend holiday getaway. Landlocked within the center of England, these two counties represent a rich political and cultural history that dates back to centuries past. Located within these two counties are the ancestral home of the world famous Lord Byron in Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire and Belvoir Castle which is home to some of the oldest and richest history in Leicestershire. If you are looking for some old-fashioned holiday vacation with your family and friends, a visit to Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire will leave you a memorable experience sure to make you and your companions come back for more.

If you are looking for some old-school, nature-oriented outdoor fun, the Wollaton Hall and Park in Nottingham will surely make you and your younger companions cry out with joy. Set within approximately 500 acres of beautiful, well-maintained grounds, Wollaton is an ancient Tudor building established and running since 1588. Inside this park, you can view the historic Deer Eark and have a look at Nottingham’s Natural History Museum, Courtyard Stables and Steam Engine House. With it’s nature-oriented environment combining with historic buildings and collections, the Wollaton is one of the many places in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire that you shouldn’t miss.

For more close encounters with ancient history, you and your companions can also visit the Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire and experience the epic beauty of this historic building that changed little over time. Over looking the Vale of Belvoir, this castle has seen some of the fiercest and bravest battles in Leicestershire that has happened centuries ago. Almost destroyed by a fire several centuries ago, the Belvoir Castle was renovated to its original design and stands tall today to remind people about the glory of its early days.

To make sure that you and your companions get the perfect vacation experience in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, always remember to book the best log cabins for your holiday accommodations in advance. There is nothing more enjoyable than a hassle-free holiday tour and the log cabins in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire can surely accommodate you and your companions depending on your budget and preferences. To get the best packages for your perfect holiday vacation, visit Sherwood Hideaway Lodges and know more about the available log cabins in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

Log cabins in Northamptonshire

NameLocationTelephoneNumber of CabinsPetsHot Tubs
Wicksteed Park Lodges - Find out moreBarton Seagrave Kettering0844 561 8383No Pets
Billing Aquadrome - Find out moreGreat Billing0844 561 8383Pets Allowed

Log Cabin Holidays in Northamptonshire

Looking out for a great place to go to for a log cabin holiday in England? If you are having difficulties locating a good place for your log cabin holiday getaway, the county of Northamptonshire in the heart of England is one of the best places to go to. Bounded by the counties of Warwickshire to the west, Leicestershire and Rutland in the north, Bedfordshire to the south east, Buckinghamshire to the south and Cambridgeshire to the east, Northamptonshire is a landlocked country of great diversity. It is also surrounded by watersheds and body of waters such as River Severn, River Nene and the Wash which makes this county an important source of freshwater supply in the greater part of the middle English continent.

Northamptonshire is a place rich not only in natural resources and cultural diversity, but also in history. If you are a history lover yourself and you want to experience the historical sites of Northamptonshire, you can go an d visit one of the top tourist destinations in the whole county; The Altorph house. This place is special to tourists because of the wide collection of Princess Diana’s memorabilia found at this place. If you want to see how the former Princess lived her life before and during her reign as a princess, you can see the exhibits, photos and other memorabilia in Altorph house specially dedicated to the beloved princess.

On the other hand, if you are more of the nature-lover type of person and you want to bring your companions to an outdoor holiday adventure, the Catanger Llama Trekking in Towcester, Northamptonshire is definitely the place to visit. Although you can’t actually ride these animals, the Llamas in this park will help you carry your backpacks and luggage while walking them across the beautiful sceneries found in the place. If you want a unique and one-of-a-kind holiday getaway for your family and friends, this adventure is definitely the way to go.

Before you embark on your log cabin holiday, do not forget to book your reservations in advance. Depending on your preferred accommodations and budget at hand, there are always a log cabin holidays in Northamptonshire that can provide you a temporary place to stay at on your vacation. If you want to get some information on how you can get the best log cabin holiday deals for your long-awaited vacation, visit Hoseasons and start planning your holiday today.

Log cabins in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire

NameLocationTelephoneNumber of CabinsPetsHot Tubs
Riverside Lodge - Find out moreIseleham01244 352218Pets Allowed
Tydd St Giles Resort - Find out moreWisbech0844 561 8383No Pets
Grange Park Lodges - Find out moreMessingham0844 561 8383Pets Allowed
Tattershall Lakes Country Park - Find out moreTattershall0844 561 8383No Pets
Westwood Lakes - Find out moreWyberton Nr Boston0844 561 8383No PetsHot Tubs
Sunnydale - Find out moreSaltfleet0844 561 8383Pets Allowed
Southview Leisure Park - Find out moreSkegness0844 561 8383No Pets
Willow Lakes Cottages - Find out moreAshby Cum Fenby0844 561 8383Pets Allowed
Grange Leisure Park - Find out moreMablethorpe0844 561 8383No Pets
Kenwick Woods Lodges - Find out moreLouth Lincolnshire Wolds0844 561 8383No Pets
Thorpe Park - Find out moreCleethorpes0844 561 8383No Pets
Richmond Holiday Centre - Find out moreSkegness0844 561 8383No Pets
Beachcomber Holiday Park - Find out moreCleethorpes0844 561 8383No Pets
Old Leake Park - Find out moreOld Leake0844 561 8383No Pets
Golden Sands - Find out moreMablethorpe0844 561 8383No Pets
Bainland Country Park - Find out moreWoodhall Spa0844 561 8383Pets Allowed
Tallington Lakes Leisure Park - Find out moreStamford0844 561 8383No Pets
No 24 Tattershall Country Park - Find out moreTattershall Lakes Country Park01244 352218No Pets
No 26 Tattershall Country Park - Find out moreTattershall Lakes Country Park01244 352218No Pets
No 29 Tattershall Country Park - Find out moreTattershall Lakes Country Park01244 352218No Pets
No 23 Kenwick Woods - Find out moreKenwick Woods01244 352218No Pets
No 39 Kenwick Woods - Find out moreKenwick Woods01244 352218No Pets
Greenfields - Find out moreKenwick Woods01244 352218No Pets
Meridian Lodge - Find out moreKenwick Woods01244 352218No Pets
Belfry Lodge - Find out moreThorpe-on-the-Hill01244 352218Pets AllowedHot Tub
St Andrews Lodge - Find out moreThorpe-on-the-Hill01244 352218No PetsHot Tub
Birkdale Lodge - Find out moreThorpe-on-the-Hill01244 352218Pets AllowedHot Tub
Westwood Lakes Five House Lane, Wyberton, Boston, PE21 7GA Tel 01205 72416220-
Belton Woods LodgesGranthamTel (day) 01389 755625-No pets
Elmhirst LakesHorncastleTel (day) 01507 527533-No pets
Grange Park LodgesMessinghamTel (day) 0870 386 191912Pets Allowed
Lowfields Country Holiday Fishing RetreatLincolnTel (day) 01522 7787173Pets Allowed
Manor Farmhouse Holiday LodgesMarket RasenTel (day) 01526 3984922Pets Allowed
Meadowlands Lodge ParkSpilsbyTel (day) 01754 830794 or 07880 795573-Pets Allowed
Seacroft Holiday EstateMablethorpeTel (day) 01507 47242117Pets Allowed
Walnut Lake Lodges & Camping parkBostonTel (day) 01205 460482 or 07958 362538-No pets
Highfields Holiday Fishing RetreatSleafordTel (day) 01529 241185-Pets Allowed
Lakeside ParkLouthTel (day) 01507 358428--
Manor Farm Log CabinsMarket RasenTel (day) 01673 878258-Pets Allowed
Orchard Holiday ParkBostonTel (day) 01205 290328--
Sycamore LakesSkegnessTel (day) 01754 811411--
Tallington LakesStamfordTel (day) 01778 347000--
Thorpe Park LodgesThorpe on the HillTel (day) 07807 789112--
Waterside LodgesKeal CotesTel (day) 0844 847 11882No pets
Woodland WatersGranthamTel (day) 01400 23088812Pets Allowed
Grafham Water LodgesHuntingdonTel (day) 01480 810036 / 07732 1869153No pets
Lakeside Lodge Golf CentrePidleyTel (day) 01487 7405407-
Riverside Island MarinaElyTel (day) 01638 780663 or 07931106818--
The AldersWisbechTel (day) 01354 6384451-

What to do on your Log Cabin Holiday to Lincolshire and Cambridgeshire

Combining both coastal and terrestrial tourism spots to attract ongoing visitors, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire is one of the top places to visit if you want to take your family and friends to a whole new level of holiday experience. Located in the eastern part of the United Kingdom and surrounded by different counties around its territory, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire is bordered by East Riding of Yorkshire to the north, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire to the west, Suffolk to the east and Essex and Hertfordshire to the south. Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire is surrounded by many hills and coastal areas, making it a perfect holiday spot for outgoing and nature-loving individuals. If you are looking for the perfect log cabin holiday with your family and friends, bring them over to Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire and you will surely want to come back for more.

If you have kids and young people as companions in your trip to this place, you might want to have a look at Sacrewell Farm and County Center located in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. This place has long been known for its magical appeal to young children with its working watermills, play areas and animal farms set in a picturesque ground area perfect for strolling and relaxation. You and your companions can also visit the Three Little Ducks specialty shop inside this county center and shop for unique items such as local produce, organic vegetables, gifts and toys perfect for souvenirs and take-home gifts.

For a more historical and educational touring experience, you can take your family and friends to the Grimsthorpe Castle Park and Gardens located in Stamford, Lincolnshire. This place is equipped with beautiful homes and picturesque gardens which also includes a 9-mile bicycle trail where you and your companions can enjoy the view while riding on a bike. There are also adventure playrooms, specialty shops and tea/coffee areas where you can relax and unwind after a long and exhausting visit to the town.

Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire is one of the most versatile places to go to for a long-weekend log cabin holiday. And to make sure that you enjoy the best of what Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire has to offer, don’t forget to book your log cabin accommodations in advance to avoid further hassles in your vacation. Depending on your budget and accommodation preferences, there are many available log cabins in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire to suit your needs. Visit Tattershall Lakes & Country Park  and start planning your weekend log cabin holiday today!