5 Reasons Why Log Cabins Are A Popular Choice of Holiday Accommodation

Log cabin holidays are becoming a very popular choice for people wanting to take a break in the UK and here are five reasons why they are becoming so popular:

  • Reason 1
    Many log cabins are in fantastic locations that have scenery that you wouldn’t normally get to see unless you stayed in another form of accommodation such as a tent or touring caravan. UK planning laws seem to be a little bit more relaxed when it comes to holiday accommodation and particularly log cabin developments and there seems to be a great number of sites in fantastic locations.
  • Reason 2
    Log cabin developments tend to be will thought out and each cabin allows some privacy even though you may be sharing the site with many other log cabins. Log cabin holiday parks have learnt from the mistakes of the old 1980’s static van parks where all of the vans were uniformly aligned and facing the same way and as such the developments are much improved.
  • Reason 3
    There is a certain feel to log cabins that can’t really be described, if you’ve stayed in one then you will no that feeling, if you haven’t then perhaps you should book one up. It’s like camping but you can get a good nights sleep whether there’s a howling gale outside or it’s lashing it down with rain.
  • Reason 4
    Log cabin holidays have really only become popular recently and a lot of log cabins were built in the past ten years, but a large majority of those were built in the past five years. The fact that a lot of these log cabins are ‘new builds’ means that the quality of the accommodation and design is much better than that the static vans of yesteryear and majority of the holiday cottages on the self catering market.
  • Reason 5
    Log cabin breaks are great for the security conscious – staying in a log cabin is much more secure than camping or caravanning; it’s also safer getting to your holiday destination by not having overloaded car carrying camping equipment or towing a caravan. With proper locking doors and windows you can be safe in the knowledge that you, your family and your belongings will be safe.

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