5 More Reasons Why Log Cabins Are Becoming A Popular Holiday Destination

As a follow on from my previous post here are five more reasons why taking log cabin breaks in the UK is a top idea.

  • Reason 1
    You can get that 5 star hotel feeling in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by beautiful countryside – there are a number of super luxurious log cabins dotted throughout the UK that come with log burners, flat screen TVs, hot tubs, saunas and en-suite bathrooms. You really could be in a 5 star hotel, combine this with magnificent scenery and you’ve got a holiday destination from heaven. Many sites have varying levels of cabin that you can choose from at the time of booking.
  • Reason 2
    Most log cabin sites in the UK fit in to their surroundings, you can forget about your old Butlins or Pontins sites that stamp their authority on the ground, A lot of the log cabin holiday sites are very sensitively designed allowing the cabins to melt in to the scenery, this gives beautiful sites that are blended in to the natural environment and create a very relaxing environment.
  • Reason 3
    The log cabins are built from natural materials that should come from sustainable sources; if you’ve got an eco conscience you could check the source of your cabins timber before booking your holiday. The Forestry Commission log cabin sites have excellent environmental credentials and I‘m sure that they aren’t the only ones. A site that has cabins built to the BREEAM standard are the ones that are likely to take environmental issues seriously. The BREEAM certification is a UK building standard which determines the insulations and water recycling features of new building.
  • Reason 4
    You are more likely to find a log cabin that will accept pets than a holiday cottages. Not only that but you are also likely to find that the cabin is furnished to a much higher standard than your regular holiday cottage or static van. Most cabin sites will only ask that you don’t leave your pets in the log cabins unattended.
  • Reason 5
    There are now plenty of sites offering log cabin holidays across the UK, so you will be able to find a log cabin available in an area of the UK that you want to visit that will suit your budget and requirements. Log cabin holiday sites are now scattered across the country, from the Scottish Highlands to the South of Cornwall.

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